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Tom Ford is a designer strain. It’s exclusivity and rarity is reflected in it’s premium price tag. But those willing to indulge a little will be rewarded with one of the most potent, euphoric, and couch locking highs. With regular THC levels in the 29-32% range, this high end strain is not for the novice smoke.

If you’re looking for a strain that carries an air of opulence, Tom Ford is the way to go. This potent Canadian indica is the progeny of two powerful and legendary indica parents: Death Bubba and Pink Kush. Named after one of the world’s most prolific fashion designers, Tom Ford lives up to its namesake by delivering a luxurious experience with equally luscious flavours. The THC content can be as high as 25% so less experienced users should use this luxe bud sparingly.

In true grandiose fashion, Tom Ford is striking and visually appealing. The round densely-packed flowers are forest green with swirls of purple and pink. Orange and pink pistils weave in and out of the flowers and peek through the heavily-coated frosting of sticky white trichomes. The strain has balanced aromatics of sweet and tart citrus with undertones of earthy wood. When the nuggets are broken and ground, the sweet scent of honey becomes more noticeable. Tom Ford has equally rich flavours of citrus, honey, and earth that combine to make this indica a delicious treat.

Typical Effects


     RELAXED                  SLEEPY                  HUNGRY              

Common Usage

DepressedA Loss of AppetiteInsomnia
Depression        LOSS OF APPETITE     Insomia

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